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Take Flight Counseling Services offers counseling and therapy services in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul areas that are tailored to your specific individual needs.  We listen to your concerns and needs to help design the most effective individual treatment plan to help clients succeed. 

Why Choose Us?

At Take Flight Counseling Services, we believe in having highly skilled professionals to provide quality services to better serve our clients. Our services are based on the belief that people truly desire to empower themselves and reach great heights in life.Anyone can struggles from emotional issues that hinder one's ability to move forward. In the process of healing, it is essential to reflect, gain strength and self-awareness in order to prevent emotional pain from limiting one's ability to truly embrace life. Unresolved feelings and emotions can hinder one's ability to function daily.  Our primary goal is to help our clients through the emotional process to heal, thrive, prosper and rise to their greatest potential.

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Our office hours are: Weekdays 9am-6pm (Some late evening weekday appointments available), and Saturdays 9am-5pm.





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