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Constance Bennett, MS, LPCC.

I am an EMDR certified therapist who works with clients from culturally diverse backgrounds. I specialize in PSTD, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationships, and adolescent development.

As a therapist, I encourage my clients to embrace the therapeutic process even though it can be a struggle at times to get through the emotional issues in need of healing.

My inspiration to become a therapist was first and foremost God calling me to service and my father William D. Bennett, a World War II Army veteran who never received mental health services to heal his own internal pain.

This experience left me with a deep awareness of my own life purpose. As a therapist, I believe in helping clients to heal their own internal issues by providing insight and support while they empower themselves. When a client takes the first step and seek therapy or counseling, it can be uncomfortable and/or a low time emotionally in one's life.  I work to provide support to my clients with empathy, compassion, insight, self-awareness and genuine regard.  It is my belief, that anyone can heal, thrive, prosper and rise to ones greatest potential in life. If your willing to take the time to do the emotional work for self healing, you can and eventually will...Take Flight!


Licensure: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

Board of Behavioral Health Minnesota,  Lic#00607

Masters Degree: Mental Health Counseling, Walden University

Bachelors Degree: Organizational Management and Human Services, Concordia University


                                                                                                  Constance L. Bennett, MS, LPCC.

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