Griggs Building:1821 University Avenue W. Ste S303 

About : Willie B. Garrett MS, LP, CEAP, Ed.D.

I am a kind and gentle psychologist, and often described as a good listener. I believe in the goodness in people, and that everyone can be better and achieve their goals. I have practiced for over 25 years in suburban, rural and urban settings. My background includes treating both personal concerns, and complicated work related problems. In addition, consultation and training on mental health and organizational issues.

I specialize in depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, self-defeating behaviors, grief, work, and relationship problems. However, sometimes a person comes to counseling not because there is a problem, but just to be better in their relationships, improve performance, or resolve a lingering issue from the past.
I work with people on their own identified goals and build upon their strengths. I have a wealth of personal and professional experience that most clients find very helpful. I am not a change agent, but a guide to helping a person become better and perform their best.